Kraft Paper

Kraft Tissue, Kraft Paper and Paperboard Available in Interleaving Kraft Paper, Colored Kraft Paper and Black Kraft Paper in Virgin and Recycled

EMI Specialty Papers stocks an extensive supply of kraft tissue, kraft paper and kraft paperboard that can be used in a wide range of applications that require specialized performance. We are a leading source of reinforced paper, neutral pH paper and electrical insulation paper. Some of the many industries that use our kraft papers are: specialty packaging, automotive, health care, super conductor companies, as well as the acoustic insulation industry.

  • Virgin Kraft Paper & Recycled Kraft Paper: Bleached, natural, colored kraft paper and black kraft paper in sheets or rolls, high mullen, high tensile and high tear strength grades.
  • Kraft Paperboard: Kraft linerboard (KLB) chipboard, bindersboard, castcoated and SBS, all in various weights and thicknesses, as well as laminated and pasted boards.
  • Black Kraft Paper: Black kraft paper and coated tag in different thicknesses and weights.
  • Interleaving Kraft Paper: Tissue, paper and paperboard; neutral pH, low sulfur, acid-free, archival or buffered, in rolls (narrow & wide) or sheets.
  • Reinforced Paper: Poly with a UV blocker laminated between two layers of kraft paper with or without white poly coating on top for water resistance; used by manufacturers for lumber wrap, pipe wrap and beam wrap and whenever exceptional tear strength is required with printability & water resistance. Available in rolls 24″ to 96″ in 1 foot increments. Printing available for logo, etc. Stocked in asphaltic grades as well.
  • Polycoated Kraft Paper: Extruded or laminated low or high density polyethylene, polypropylene and  polyester in different paper and poly thicknesses.
  • Colored Kraft Papers: Colored kraft paper, tag stock, endleaf papers, tissue, duplex board (different colored sides).
  • Wet Strength Paper: Latex, Melamine, Kymene and other additives including phenolic resin; all in a variety of thicknesses and weights, as well as beverage board.
  • Tissue Paper: Industrial, interleaving kraft paper, packaging, retail clothing wrapping, archival, food or technical grades. Anti-tarnish, pH neutral, low sulfur, acid-free or waxed. Printing available on most grades.
  • Creped Kraft: Bleached or natural, different weights and crepe percentages, also extensible kraft papers.


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