Specialty Paper Solutions  –  Case Histories

Below are a few examples of our abilities to help manufacturers and fabricators solve materials issues.

Specialty Paper Solution – Absorbent Paper for Ink Roller Pads

A Fortune 100 Company which makes equipment for ATM machines, in an effort to cut costs, asked us if we could help redevelop their wool felt ink pad rollers. We selected several of our absorbent grades and slit and wound to the roll specification they had provided. Once they tested and chose one grade, in a matter of weeks they were purchasing thousands, and later 10’s of thousands of ink roller pads from EMI.

Specialty Papers Solution – Die Cutting Paper and Paperboard for Dash-board Backplates

A major manufacturer of automobile dash-board equipment with plants in the U.S., England and Germany asked us if we could provide an alternative to the plastic backing they are using. We stock a suitable material – a very strong but flexible paperboard – which we die cut using dies built to very close tolerance dimensions specified in the customer’s blueprints. Again, within weeks of initial inquiry we had submitted prototypes which were approved and thereafter have sold hundreds of thousands of dash-board backplates.

Specialty Paper Solution – Dielectric Paper & Film for Batteries

A major battery manufacturer came to us with an arcing problem they were having in the assembly of batteries made up of various numbers of smaller battery cells in series. We helped them design the part to fit the different configurations of batteries. We then supplied them with a half dozen differently shaped shims and parts made of dielectric paper and film to which we laminated an adhesive with a release liner and then kiss-cut (cut through only the paper and adhesive, not the release liner) and rerolled so their assembly plants in Mexico, Central and South America (and eventually Taiwan and mainland China) could peel off the intricately shaped insulation papers and apply to specific spots on the batteries.

Specialty Paper Solution – Strong Waterproof Wiping Material – Die Cut, Scored and Perforated Paper

A name brand company came to us requesting a lint-free, soft, strong, waterproof wiping material which they wanted die-cut, scored, and is perforated for tearing. It was to then be packed in a dispenser packet used in labs for quick cleanup where a sheet could be torn out of the dispenser. The volume was to begin small so having seen our advertising, came to us to help them get started. Within 10 days we had prototypes in their hands and 2 weeks later we were in production mode.

Ongoing niche market development for Air Freshener and Aromatherapy Products

The paper professionals at EMI have been developing air freshener products for over 40 years.  We have helped small and large companies develop and launch all types of air fresheners and aromatherapy products. We help in the design stage with data on longevity of our product in conjunction with our customer’s specific fragrance or essential oil. We also assist in creating a specification and help with detailed drawings when necessary.  We provide samples to the testing facilities of these companies using some of our dozens of available blotting paper and wicking materials. Subsequently, we die cut the specified grade and package in bulk for low to mid volume projects or in sleeves for automatic feeding equipment.



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