Coated Paper

Non-Silicone Release Paper, Wet Strength Paper, Polypropylene Paper & Polyester Paper

EMI Specialty Papers manufactures and stocks coated paper and paperboard for many diverse industries.  Coated paper is paper or paperboard upon which a film has been laminated or a coating extruded.  Following are some of our coated paper and coated paperboard specialties:

Coated Paper - Blotter Paper

  • Non-silicone Release Paper:  EMI makes Lacurel, a 0.007” thick, heavy paper which is coated on 2 sides with a non-silicone release designed to release from heat-cured rubber compounds, particularly Engineered Fabrics.  Our customers use Lacurel to facilitate their manufacturing and processing of Engineered Fabrics such as many types of Conveyor Belting, Rubber Coated Textiles, Gasket & Diaphragm Materials. Learn more about Lacurel
  • Coated blotter paper:   Absorbent paper with barrier coating on one side, used for lab bench protection or where absorption is needed with a barrier.
  • Water Resistant Paper:  Coated, water resistant paper or wet strength paper, as well as papers resistant to oil, UV, grease and corrosion.
  • Polyethylene, Polypropylene & Polyester:  Poly coated papers in low or high density, matte or gloss, 1 side or 2, papers and paperboards, in different coating and paper weights.  Heat-seal & hot-melt applications.  We specialize in wide rolls to 135”.
  • Release Paper:  Quilon and polyethylene release papers in different weights; sheets and rolls, die cut shapes, discs, circles and donuts.
  • Saturated Paper:  Impregnated grades; latex and phenolic paper & boards.

Coated Paper - Blotting Paper

Who We Supply:

  • The automotive filtration industry uses our perforated poly coated paper and color coated wet strength papers for filter wraps/shells.
  • Specialty pipe manufacturers buy our poly-coated, reinforced paper to protect coated pipe in transit and storage.
  • Our custom non-silicone release paper is coated 2 sides for use in  vulcanizing rubber.
  • Our Quilon paper is a release paper used for casting foam rubber to make body armor.
  • We are one of the few who can coat polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester to 135” wide for use in several industries where wide coated paper is required.

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