Air Freshener Paper and Aromatherapy Paper

Absorbent Air Freshener, Aromatherapy Papers, and Wicking Papers available in a variety of materials and sizes

Air Freshening Paper - Blotting Paper

The staff at EMI Specialty Papers has been involved in the development of air freshener papers since the inception of the industry over 40 years ago with the major manufacturers as well as with small producers. We have helped grow the air freshener and aromatherapy industries by providing design and engineering advice and absorbent paper product for the home, automobile and janitorial air freshener markets, as well as technical papers for wicking purposes. EMI Specialty Papers stocks sheets and rolls of thin and thick absorbent paper with die cutting capabilities to make any shape and size air freshener, including pads, discs, rings and any shape imaginable.

Specialty Paper Products and Services

We offer a comprehensive range of absorbent papers tailored for air fresheners and aromatherapy applications. We have absorbent fragrance paper, card, text and cover stock for magazine insertion or sample cards. Our absorbent papers are available in the following thicknesses:

What are the thickness of Air Freshener Papers?

We have Air Freshener Papers available in various thickness ranging in sizes 1/64″ to 1/2″ thick and are perfect for creating customized car air freshener solutions.

What are the thickness of Aromatherapy Papers?

Our Aromatherapy Papers ranges from 1/64″ to 1/8″ in thickness, and are designed for the effective dispersion of essential oils and fragrances.

Air Freshener Paper

What material is used in car air freshener?

Car air freshener papers are typically made with Wicking Materials. These wicking materials are specially engineered for both the filtration and fragrance industries, our wicking materials are designed to facilitate controlled liquid movement through capillary action without clogging. 

We make the best in class Wicking Materials for air freshener solutions. These versatile papers are available in various forms including sheets, rolls, pads, discs, and custom shapes to meet diverse market needs.

Custom Die Cut Services for Air Fresheners 

Our state-of-the-art die cutting capabilities allow us to create air fresheners in any shape and size imaginable—from standard squares and circles to more intricate designs tailored to specific customer needs. Request a quote to learn more about our paper converting and die-cut services.

Aromatherapy Paper - Blotter Paper

Technical Materials and Applications

EMI Specialty Papers not only supplies traditional blotting and absorbent papers but also offers advanced nonwovens and technical materials for specialized applications:

  • Scoring, Folding & Perforating: We enhance the functionality of our papers by modifying them to fit specific housings or to increase their surface area for better performance.
  • Sleeve Packaging: Our papers can be packaged into sleeves for easier assembly and enhanced efficiency in production lines.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: From HVAC systems to humidifiers and industrial air fresheners, our products meet a wide range of technical specifications and industry standards.

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Ready to enhance your products with our high-quality blotting and absorbent solutions? Contact us today at 800-456-7273 or send us an inquiry with your specifications for material type, size, and quantity to get started. Discover why countless companies trust EMI Specialty Papers for their air freshener and aromatherapy needs!

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