Perforated Paper

Quality Custom Perforated Paper; many hole sizes and patterns available; Rotary Perforating & Micro Perforating Capabilities

For the last 50 years, we have been a perforated paper supplier which offers many variations of perforated paper and perforated paperboard while solving materials problems for our manufacturing customers. We offer rotary perforating and flatbed perforating, overall perforations, as well as intricate perforated patterns and shapes. Perf to tear (small perforations for tearing) and micro perforating are also available in both U.S. and metric hole sizes.

perforated papers

Our perforated paper capabilities include:

  • Hole size from micro to 0.040″ to 3/8″.
  • Straight sheet line or staggered pattern.
  • With or without border.
  • Perforated Paper with overall holes.
  • Custom patterns.
  • Micro Perforated Paper with very small holes.
  • High Speed Rotary Perforating for repeat pattern projects.
  • Progressive Blanking Perforating including custom tight tolerance perforating for intricate patterns.
  • Perforated Paper with Custom Hole Perforating as well as round or square holes.
  • Perforate Roll to Roll or roll to sheets, slitting, sheeting or die cutting.
  • Perforating of Nonwovens as well as films, foils, laminates and foams, many in stock.
  • We do not make perforated business or personal forms used in personal printers.
  • Perforated paper filter outer wraps, filter shells.

Multiple hole patterns are also available for perforated paper, paperboard, plastic and nonwovens. Starting with roll to roll (we take a roll, perforate it and roll it back up), also roll to sheets, we can also perforate from sheets.

Perforated Paper - Blotting Paper

We also offer:

  • Unlimited hole patterns
  • Sheeting and die cutting services
  • Engineering and design services
  • Laser perforated paper
  • Perforated  paper sheets
  • Micro perforated paper stock and much more
  • Paper filter shells and filter outer wraps

square blotter paper

What is industrial perforated paper?

Custom perforated paper for industry and laboratory applications does not typically include consumer perforated paper as frequently used for paper statements, invoices, event tickets, coupons, or booklets. The custom perforated paper we offer at EMI Specialty Papers is designed for industrial processes and procedures. We can deliver customized perforated paper at bulk scale: whether your specifications require engineering and design, laser perforations, complex hole patterns, or custom sheeting and cutting. Contact us to request a quote.

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