Blotting Paper for Laboratory Applications

Lab & Industrial Blotting Paper. Diagnostic Grades for Lab Work; Blotter Paper for Absorbent Pads and Liners – and for Spill Control.

In stock high grade cotton and cotton cellulose blend diagnostic blotter paper comparable to Whatman / GE Life Sciences grades, at considerably less cost. Available in rolls, sheets, absorbent pads, discs and custom shapes and sizes.

What Is Diagnostic Blotting Paper?

Diagnostic blotting paper is used for various types of laboratory work and experiments. Diagnostic grade cotton and cotton/cellulose-blend blotting paper can absorb liquids and is used in diagnostic test kits and as microscope slide blotters.

What Is Blotting Paper Used For?

  • Economy blotter papers are used for tray liners as well as spill control and clean up to control toxic and nontoxic substances, including refined and crude oils.
  • Blotter papers are also used as filtration grades for the food and beverage industries as well as for the automotive filter industry, where absorbent papers function in separation filtration.

We carry bleached and natural blotter paper as well as crêped grades, most in sheets and rolls, for a wide range of end uses from economy grade, general purpose blotting papers to high capacity, refined technical grade blotting and wicking papers for use in lab & pharmaceutical analysis and packaging products. We also carry perforated blotting paper, white blotting paper, discs and refrigerator absorbent pads for refrigerator manufacturers.

We can die cut custom shapes, make blotting pads, discs and liners, slit rolls to any width; and provide custom packaging. Contact us for a quote.

industrial Blotter Paper

  • Diagnostic Blotter Paper: Ultra high-quality cotton diagnostic blotter paper comparable to Whatman-GE at considerably lower cost. Lab-grade blotter for analytical testing: qualitative and quantitative filter and wicking papers for chromatography, gel blot assays (Western Blot, Northern Blot, Southern Blot), electrophoresis and gravimetric analysis. Ashless, low ash, and wet strength papers ideal for nucleic acid, protein, and RNA/DNA blotting. All blotter papers are available in sheets, pads, discs, circles, rolls, and custom shapes and sizes. ISO 9001 materials.
  • Diagnostic Wicking Materials: High quality diagnostic wicking papers and non-woven papers for lab work: diagnostic grade cotton and cotton/cellulose blend materials.
  • Microscope Slide Blotters: Blotting papers with die cut holes used as “wells”.
  • Pulp Test Blotter: Ultra-pure, Tappi compliant .020″ test blotter.
  • Absorbent pads for FedEx Clinical Pak and UPS Lab Packs: absorbent blotting paper pads IATA packaging instruction # 650 for shipping biological materials requires super absorbent packets, absorbent pads, cellulose pads for shipping fluid substances such as diagnostic specimens, clinical specimens, biological substances, and environmental test samples.
  • Blotter paper for cosmetics and aromatherapy products.

high quality blotting paper

Blotting Paper for Industrial and Cosmetic Applications

Cosmetic & Industrial Blotter Paper. Blotter Paper for Absorbent Liners and Pads – and for Spill Control.

In-stock high grade cotton and cotton cellulose blend diagnostic blotter paper comparable to Whatman / GE Life Sciences grades, at considerably less cost.

 Whatman / GE Grade   EMI Grade 
1 5475
1CHR 5475
2 5886
2CHR 5886
2V 5879
3 11217
3CHR 11217
3MM 11513
4 5493
4CHR 5493
5 5876
6 5478
17CHR 25938
20CHR 5886
31ETCHR 17932
40 5878
41 5495
42 5875
50 5218
52 5479
54 5174
91 4363
113 7618
114 4310
114V 4312
540 5479
541 5174
542 5218
551 5264
934-AH 4212/4213
Benchkote 9211
GF/A 3511
GF/B 8926
GF/C 3210
GF/D 7626
GF/F 5418
IPS 5275
Student Grade 4368
TCLP 5418
TSS 4212

Are EMI blotting paper materials FDA-compliant?

All EMI blotter paper materials are FDA-compliant. These are high-quality technical blotter papers used in diagnostic test kits and for general fluid absorption purposes used for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. All blotting paper materials are made to comply with FDA guidelines and requirements.

We offer die cut and sheeting capabilities with custom packaging options. We sell our specialty blotter papers in bulk. Please call with size and quantity for a quote.

  • Best customer service in the industry: We stock many papers and can make rolls, sheets, pads, discs, or custom parts for you in 1-2 weeks.  If not in stock, availability is 2-5 weeks WITHOUT FAIL.  Unlike our competition we are not a huge multinational conglomerate.  We are a medium sized company with personnel who care about our customers and understand that without exemplary service we would not be the successful company we are.
  • Biopsy papers, blotting pads, discs, rings, custom shapes.
  • Diagnostic Wicking Materials: High quality non-wovens and wicking papers for all types of lab work: Cotton/cellulose blend and diagnostic-grade cotton materials.
  • Absorbent Pads Used In FedEx Clinical Packs and UPS Lab Packs: IATA packaging instruction #650 for shipping biological materials needs absorbent pads, super absorbent packets, cellulose pads for mailing diagnostic specimens, biological substances, clinical specimens and environmental testing samples.  We stock several materials appropriate for these Clinical Lab Packs.  
  • Pulp test blotting: Tappi compliant, ultra-pure .020″ test blotting.  Meets ASTM T-205.
  • Die cutting and sheeting: Custom shapes and sizes available with many custom packaging options.

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FDA-Compliant blotting paper

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