blotter paper converting - blotting paper
Paper Converting

We are a paper converting company that offers die cut paper solutions and more.

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perforated paper - blotting paper
Perforated Paper

Custom perforated paper including micro to ½” holes perforated paper. Rotary perforating available.

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blotting paper - blotter paper
Blotting Paper

High quality lab blotting and industrial blotter paper. Diagnostic papers for biotech and pharma.

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coated paper - blotting paper
Coated Paper

Coated paper supplier with food grade paper, gummed paper, reinforced paper, and more in stock.

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air freshner paper - blotting paper
Air Freshener Paper

Absorbent air freshener sheets including discs and custom die cut shapes. Wicking and printable papers in stock.

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electric paper fish paper - blotter paper
Electric & Fish Paper

Fish Paper, Vulcanized Fibre, Dielectric Film, Paper & Paperboard Available

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absorbent paper - blotter paper
Absorbent Paper

Wide range of papers for blotting, wicking and filtration available for labs and air fresheners.

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High Quality

Technical and Speciality Papers for Labs and manufacturers

We convert and create large and small sized specialty paper rolls, sheets, and custom die cut shapes for manufacturers and biotech companies.

About EMI Speciality Papers

EMI Speciality Papers Provides High Quality Blotting Papers, Air Freshener Papers, Non Silicone Release Papers & Die Cutting.

At EMI Specialty Papers, we provide high quality blotting paper, absorbent paper, non-silicone release paper, & paper die cutting solutions for all industries. Our paper is used for with laboratories, air fresheners, rubber fabrication, electrical work, custom packaging, and more.

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