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Coated Paper

Non-Silicone Release Paper, Wet Strength Paper, Polypropylene Paper & Polyester Paper

EMI Specialty Papers is a coated paper supplier which stocks many coated paperboard and coated paper products like food grade paper, gummed paper, wet strength paper, reinforced paper and pressure sensitive paper. Coated paper is paper or paperboard upon which a film has been laminated or a coating extruded.

The following are some of our coated paper and coated paperboard specialty papers: 
  • Water Resistant Paper: Coated water resistant paper or wet strength paper, as well as papers resistant to oil, fire, UV, grease and corrosion.
  • Non-silicone Release Paper: Quilon and polyethylene release papers in different weights; sheets and rolls, die cut shapes and discs.
  • Polyethylene, Polypropylene & Polyester: poly coated papers ld and nd, matte or gloss, one side or two, papers and paperboards, in different coatings and paper weights. Heat-seal & hot-melt applications, cold-seal, cohesive.
  • Release Paper: non-silicone release paper.
  • Pyroxylin: coated boards in dozens of different colors and textures used for covers for binders, books, notebooks, office products, menu covers, soft cover books and other uses where a strong weather resistant, leather-like cover material is needed.
  • Saturated Paper: Impregnated grades; latex and phenolic papers & boards.


coated papercoated board, water resistant, paperboard

Who We Supply:

* The automotive industry with our poly coated paper.

* Specialty pipe manufacturers buy our reinforced paper to protect coated pipe in transit and storage.

* Our adhesive coated paper is widely used in the specialty printing and packaging industries.